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What we do

Cordical LC promotes technological solutions for everyday problems. Through application development and software production, we emphasize practical problem-solving for daily life.

Our work is committed to thinking outside the box. Whether the goal is accessibility, education, fitness, or entertainment, Cordical strives to connect technical know-how with unique inspiration.

Who we are

Co-founded by Cynthia "Cara" Polsley and Seth Polsley, Cordical is a Limited Company dedicated to solving problems through technology and innovation.

Cynthia "Cara" Polsley is a PhD candidate in Classical Philology at Yale University. She has a Master of Art in Classics from the University of Kansas. A writer and researcher, Cara is a spinal cord injury survivor with a personal interest in helping others gain opportunities through rehabilitative and assistive technology.

Seth Polsley is a PhD student in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. He has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M. Actively involved in research concerning intelligence systems, Seth has traveled widely and authored numerous papers.

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